Nov 102011

New Terms And Conditions Posted by:InboxPays

Dear InboxPays Members,


Cash Mail Credits is InboxPays way of showing appreciation to members for completing offers. Due to a high volume of fraudulent activity regarding the cash mail credits, we have had to make a change. In order to keep the highest payout on our offers, we had to implement a maximum Cash Mail Credit per payment requests.


For all future payment requests, a maximum limit of Cash Mail Credit has been set at $25.00 per payment request. Your Cash Mail Credits will always accumulate in your account. Any credits approved over the $25 maximum will accumulate under Carried Cash Mail Credits and will be eligible for future payments. You can view the amount of credits in your account at any time by clicking the “My Account” tab. We will also resume the older, higher Cash Mail Payouts effective Nov 11th.


Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience,




43 Responses to New Terms And Conditions

  1. Lora Cheese says:

    Is the cash out still $50.? I am not understanding this change in the TOS. Also, when I checked my account, it said that I have $30.+, yet when I click on the e-mail, my balance says $36. Which is it?

  2. InboxPays says:

    The cash out is still $50.00, however in the future you can only redeem $25.00 of your payout in Cash Mails. For Example if you have $45.00 only in cash mails you can only use $25.00 towards your next payment (the other $25.00 will have to come from completing offers etc.), the rest will roll over into the next month. You can see more by looking at your Account Page.

  3. Tracy says:

    Thats not so bad. Other survey sites are even higher. I love you guys.

  4. Im new to this, but I catch on fast

  5. Betty says:

    what do you mean about the amount in the viewed how much do you have to have before you can get this money?

  6. david says:

    I dont think thats fair for the 25 dallor limit on paid emails!!! Some of us dont have credit cards!!! Then some of us just dont use them online at all! Sounds to me like another scam to keep them getting paid and not us!!!!

    • Eve Wackett says:

      I agree mine are maxxed and I was working so hard to cash out at $50 and all of a sudden they change terms and now I will only be able to keep accumulating cash emails with no chance of cashing out. JIVE
      I was looking forward to some kind of Christmas money. BUMMER

  7. InboxPays says:

    Betty, for example if you have $30.00 in cash mails you may only use $25 towards your payment and the rest must come from offers you take, the remaining $5.00 will go towards your next payment request.

    David, we are not a scam, over the past two months we have had a huge increase in fraudulent activity because of paid mails and we got burned pretty hard, so we had to implement this to not only eliminate fraud but to encourage our members to participate in these offers and surveys. Please note we do make our money by the offers and surveys you take, the cash mails are a perk.

  8. Diane says:

    WOW that sucks. All I do is the emails and very few surveys. Most want me to buy something and I just can not afford to do so. I started doing this to earn money not spend it. I’m a single, disabled mother and I just can not afford to buy into the things sent me. I’m to busy trying to pay bills and keep food on the table!! And why on earth would you TAKE money we already earned from us? Why not just leave it there?

  9. InboxPays says:

    Diane, The money is still there we just need to enforce these new terms, there are plenty of offers that do not require you to buy something and more of those offers are on the way. We understand where you are coming from, we are a very family oriented company and we did take a huge hit and could have been worse in the future had we not done this now.

  10. Ladon says:

    Yeah, thanks. Just before Christmas too. Couldn’t you have informed us a little earlier or let us know that this was going to happen? I understand you had to do something,but why not punish the violaters and not everyone else who was doing things honestly. You should lower to minimum payout from surveys until the holidays at least.

  11. InboxPays says:

    Ladon, with today’s technology it is easy for hackers to take advantage of things like our cash mails and if we stop them they come back in a new form, we are sorry that honest members like yourself have to pay for things other people take advantage of. We are currently working on something good for our members for the holidays!

  12. Leonard says:

    I have too say thank you to you all @ InboxPays. THANK YOU!!! because of your being on the ball is keeping your site safer.Even if it does become a minor inconveniance to us,in the long run if you get burned we get burned.Then only the hackers win.

  13. kerri says:

    I have been reading my cash emails but for the last week my amount in my income has not reflected any of the emails that I have read.Their not even taking me to partner sites when I click to confirm the email it takes me to your home page but my amount doesnt reflect the emails.

  14. Lori Testy says:

    Just a question, How could you get scammed by people just clicking their emails and getting credit for it? I don’t understand how this could even happen. You say it’s hackers,but they can do the same this way too if that’s the reeason. I agree with David abut the credit card stuff. I use my mother’s (with her permission) and a lot of times you can’t use it for things because it’s not in your name. I don’t mind doing surveys either, but I don’t like sitting for 30 minutes for 50 cents either.Most people do not want a lot of these offers. If they were offers we could use , it would be different.Try to get some offer we can all really, truely use. Thanks a lot!

  15. Jakkie says:

    Like others have said, you just can’t afford or do not have a credit card and for me most of your survey panels, I’m already on, do you get credit for that?

  16. betty p says:

    How often do you update my current earnings?

  17. MaryAnn says:

    Hi, I think its good they are doing this , they (InboxPays) have taken alot of abuse, it seems. If people are taking advantage of InboxPays , then of course they have the right to change things, and I think they are doing the right thing.

  18. Nori says:

    If I have $100, only cash out for me is $25?

  19. InboxPays says:

    Thank you Mary Ann. Lori, its simple, at one point we gave out around 30 cents per user per day. you hack into Inboxpays and make hundreds of accounts and click emails from all those accounts, next thing you know your cashing out on thousands of dollars without clicking on one survey or offer to us thats 100% loss were taking. please note we make money by members taking surveys the cash mails is a perk only.

  20. Thomas says:

    How can I get more spins?I’ve tried to play the spin and ran out of tries!How can I get some more spins?I’ve tried the offers,but I’ve not been credited yet!

  21. lori b says:

    I am very much upset about your new policy It just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. You send these e-mails to me saying I will be compensated for opening them! No where did I read that it is a perk! I have been opening and reading these e-mails since March and have yet to get to the point of being able to get a payout I was thinking about another month I might be able to reach the $50 mark. I quess that’s not gonna happen as I don’t respond to the offers. My account actually shows you have taken money away.Some of your offers provide me with info that could lead me to later checking them out more thourghly and possible purchase. But usually I eitherhave no use,want or desire for the service, or am already signed up. And of course you don’t give credit for that. If you have been getting scammed do something real to those who are scamming you.Replenish those of us who actually read your e-mails or just get out of sending e-mails that say you get paid to open them. Also make sure that when we try to take advantage of your offers we don’t get left out in cyberspace. I have tried the last couple of days to get anywhere from the e-mail page and get told website not available.Including contact you or visit new update. It sucks that I had to go to my explorer in order to see what you have to say. I spend all of my time online in my e-mails.I am set up with a lot of survey,paid e-mail sites. I don’t earn much since I don’t buy but HATE being ripped off!

  22. Jeanne says:

    Did you send out an email with these new terms and conditions? If so, I didn’t receive it. I just happened to stumble upon this blog through search and don’t see a link for the blog on your website. I had no idea about these changes and am waiting for a reply to a message I sent to support about my $50 cash out I placed last week. I mostly have paid email in credits because your offers don’t pay!! I also don’t understand why support emails go unanswered. I guess I won’t be getting my $50 now because I refuse to do offers I’m not going to be paid for.

  23. i would like to know why my total amount has not changed for a few days

  24. I think its a good idea to cover your money this way.

  25. Dawn says:

    thank you for updating…always wondered about that prob. This change is not a bad one, just precautionary. I love ya’ll. (^__^)* Aloha! Have a fantabulous day!

  26. Jeff says:

    My account has already reached the $25 Cash Mail credits with about $9.70 in Carried Cash Mail Credits. What happens when the Carried Cash Mail Credits also reaches $25? Will that mean I’ll have two Carried Cash Mail credits? And wait two more payment cycles before I get paid?

    I appreciate some need for InboxPays to stagger and stall payments, but I don’t know how it helps patrons of InboxPays

    Thank you,

  27. Jeff says:

    I already submitted this honest reply. But for some reason, I don’t see here it now.

    Again, I ask. I have $36.98 coming to me. However, I also have about $10.00 coming to me in Cash Mail Credit. Now, when I read the email, as we all do, and when that also accumulates to $25.00 does that mean I’ll have TWO Cash Mail Credits coming to me?

    In all good faith InBoyPays advertise that you can earn money by reading email. However, you’ll won’t get the money when you read up to $25.00 worth of email. I know the other organizations don’t do that.

    However, we all get punished because they state that “due to fraud” we ALL get punished for it. Oh boy, now the whole internet will get to here about this one.

    What is interesting, I have submitted a previous blog entry stating these facts, but for some reason, my blog entry has magically disappeared. When all I am doing is stating truth.

    Anyway, InBoxPays, you have been good to me and many others. Maybe you are running into financial trouble, but hurt us who have been when you for such a a long time.

    Thank you,

  28. Loretta Knox says:

    I have no problem understanding the new rules however, if that is going to be the case there need to be more offers pertaining to the actual needs of the people who frequent the site. Household and clothing items come to mind immediately cosmetics and other needed items. Perhaps some home decorating items things that people frequently buy. I think it’s tuff on people to make these tuff rules and not give a way to attain what’s required.

  29. Jeff says:

    After reading other peoples’ comments and InboxPays comments, I have a better appreciation for what you are doing. No problem. I’ll see what I can do to help with your business.

    Thank you,

  30. frank says:

    i too think the new system is a ripoff….i’ve been working hard to get to the 50 dollar cash out and now it looks like i won’t get there…in a few days i will decide whether or not to continue with inbox pays…i think i will drop it as an effort in futility….

  31. InboxPays says:

    Jeff, once you hit $25 in carried over credits, they will continue to accumulate. Loretta, we are continuing to add new offers everyday to better suit our members needs we are working hard to make sure our members are happy and continue to be loyal members. Yes there are a few things we had to do in order to continue giving our members the best payouts and to help fight fraud. We will still receive negative feedback from members but we could not continue with the ways things were, please keep in mind at the end of the day we are a business and for those of you who can relate, we cannot give out free lemonade all day and expect to grow.

    We hope you all understand.

  32. willie byers says:

    when can i expect the 50.00 i have earned . i needed it for my granddaughters present for christmas . it’s already been a couple of months since i got the 50.00 earned. i need an answer so i will know what to do . please please let me know something soon .

  33. willie byers says:

    i need my password .i can’t get a ticket

  34. Danielle says:

    I do surveys for another site also. I am just a little confused as to why you can not stop people from creating multiple accounts. The other survey site i use can track IP addresses, and if an IP address has multiple accounts, they will delete all accounts associated with that IP. And to other surveyors, you do not just have to do surveys. There are free offers that do not charge and do not take 30 minutes to complete, they are under free offers and misc. categories. hope this helps

  35. marie says:


  36. Dragonsend says:

    Do not like the new terms or the cut in the cents you get for reading the e-mails but understand why it is so. Still don’t have to like it. Also don’t you get in PPC off the e-mails when we click them? Seems you would.

  37. patsy says:

    why every one has cver all thanks

  38. Johnsie says:

    I also have been trying to get my 25.00 payout. Please tell me why I can’t and whats going on. Please tell me when can I get my money.

  39. frank says:

    i can’t believe the comment inbox sent to jeff…you can’t give out free lemonade..ha… you get paid for us doing surveys…i have now dropped out of indox pays and hope everyone else does…how long will you will your business last then…

  40. InboxPays says:

    Dragonsend, we actually do not have PPC emails the amount given in these emails come out of our pockets. Like we said before these are the new changes that had to be implemented because of the huge loss we have taken from these emails.

    Frank, its called a Metaphor, a literary term used in modern day English. We use these to engage our members in a more down to earth matter, we are aware of the fact that we get paid for members doing surveys and good luck on your new ventures.

  41. Michael says:

    I requested 50$ about 8 days ago and was just wondering how long it takes to transfer to the paypal address i have furnished? I havent herd anything and am wondering if I am even gonna get it… Bad communication thus far…..

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